7 of the Absolute Best Podcasts for Millennials, Moms, and Millennials that are Moms

The Longest Shortest Time‘ with Hillary Frank

IG @longestshortesttime

For intellectuals with an NPR or TEDtalk vibe, as stated by Huffpost. Seriously. The first few seconds of the show’s very first episode made me double-check that they weren’t an NPR affiliate.

In the first episode I had allll the emotions; it was only 9 minutes and 12 seconds long. It’s full of short episodes at first, but a really interesting podcast to listen to when you just want to jump into the tough topics of motherhood, like colic and NICUs.

My Favorite Murder‘ with Karen Kilgariff + Georgia Hardstark

IG @MyFavoriteMurder

Hear me out… This is by far my favorite podcast currently out there. Even Rolling Stone gets it! These two ladies are the epitome of hilarity, snarky, and anxiety-driven–everything that I feel like Mom’s understand. Karen and Georgia focus on true crime, but with the most interesting comedic twist.

They aren’t moms–in fact, they deny wanting any of their own respective children. However, they enlighten others on such a variety of topics related to addiction, mental health, and etc., that I would highly suggest following along and hearing their stories.

If you are not into true crime, this podcast might fall flat–or it might spark your interest. You don’t know until you try! #SwearWordsHappenHere

Throwing Shade‘ with Erin Gibson + Bryan Safi

IG @throwingshade

The politically-driven, LGBTQ-friendly, vulgar duo that speaks true to their podcast name. Don’t listen with innocent ears around.

Laugh/cry/yell alone in the car, while you mouth “omg right?!” to your radio dash. These two have a bangin’ web-page and just exude hilarity and strong opinions. My kind of folks. #SwearWordsHappenHere

Unqualified‘ with Anna Faris

IG @unqualified

If you didn’t recognize the name already, Anna Faris is a movie star. She’s technically unqualified to be giving relationship advice, but her advice feels almost always on point. Anna talks on a variety of topics and makes you feel like you’re just out for coffee with a close friend.

Anna has a great, soothing voice, especially if you need something to listen to late at night because it’s time to breastfeed or you’re still working on that work deadline. Any reason to stay up and listen to her crew is worth the bedhead next the day.

Also, she has odd negative feelings towards chefs and has countless celebrity guests each week. Plus, intermittent kegels. I must listen more. #SwearWordsHappenHere

One Bad Mother‘ with Biz + Theresa

FB @OneBadMother

These ladies do swear a lot, but they are hilarious and informative and full of true stories about parenting and pregnancy. I’ve just started listening, but I’m enjoying the ride! Join me at the beginning and give me your feedback, too. #SwearWordsHappenHere

‘Beyond Burnout’ with Dr. Tracey Marks

She’s a doctor of the mind. She gives mental health and wellness tips to those that need it most–working Moms. We’re all tired here. She gets it. Dr. Tracey is basically giving us free therapy sessions, so, find your favorite chair and get comfy.

‘Beyond burnout’ is featured on the website Working Mom’s Against Guilt. I found it in my panicked search for “What to do when you want to be a Mom, but also work?!” I just started this one and it doesn’t extend past 2015, but I would highly recommend it. Do it for your soul.

Birthful‘ with Adriana Lozada

FB: Birthful

If you need some reality and science backed behind your pregnancy options, go with this podcast. Adriana gets past all of the wives tales, unsolicited stories, and irrelevant “stuff” that we are bombarded with, once that baby bump starts showing. Plus, she’s all about “natural”.

If you’re still unsure, peek at the “What is this podcast about?” for more information.


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