Easy Office-Friendly Looks When You Have No Time


Babble writers have composed a 5-minute professional hairstyle post here. I’ve tried a few of them. If you can braid your hair in record time, the French braid looks are for you. I think the half-up knot is by far my favorite(see below picture). Even after chopping 7 inches off of my mane in the name of split ends professionalism, I can successfully do the ‘do.




This portion is up to you. I’m a huge fan of makeup and showing creativity, so, I spend plenty of time in this department. If I’m rushed, I generally focus on the eyebrows and eyelashes because my hair is so fine and light. Look at what you can do minimally that still makes you feel fabulous. Maybe you’re a “swipe on a layer of lipstick and go” kind of gal. Maybe you only put the war paint on for a big meeting with leadership. Either way, do what makes you feel beautiful. I always love to harness my inner Katie Holmes, when it comes to professional makeup inspiration.


In order to not feel like you have to layer on the foundation every day, try evening out your skin tone and bringing out the healthy. I would suggest drinking enough water (just 4 water bottles throughout the day is enough for most) and washing your face with a light, easy-on-the-skin product like Philosophy’s Purity. Follow this up with a natural toner, like Thayer’s Natural Remedies. Don’t forget: moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! I like Lush’s Imperialis the best, but it is a little more pricey.



You’re definitely not reading words from the queen of all things clothes and fashion–in fact, I’m probably labeled the “gypsy dirtball” of the friend group–but one thing I do know I win at is organization. My thousands of dusters and flowy cover-ups are all bundled together in the closet. Look, just keep your stuff organized! Start there and the time it takes to find the right outfit will be much more streamlined in the morning. I even go the extra step and try to pick out an outfit the night prior to kind of automate the process.

Secondly, update your wardrobe to your age. If you’re almost 30, like I am, please let go of the Forever 21 crop top. Seriously. It’s time. Get rid of those clothes that don’t speak to your age, don’t fit, or just plain don’t make you feel confident anymore.

I haven’t personally tried this next option, but I love the idea! Here, a group called “Classy Yet Trendy” have taken the time to write up a how-to on workwear capsule wardrobes. It’s only $19.99 and they seem to do all the initial work for you–like a much cheaper version of a fashion stylist. If you try this anytime soon, let us know how it worked for you in the comment section. The organizer-freak in me is kind of drooling at this approach to dressing. Below is one wardrobe example on Classy Yet Trendy’s website.




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