Hello, from the new Mrs.

I’m finally married! What. A. Whirlwind.
Planning a wedding, and all that comes with that, is truly a stressful experience. You’re barraged by guests, relatives, coordinators, and the like. People are offended by your choices, no matter those choices. You get the idea. I’m here to tell you what I did, roughly speaking, to get through it all. What choices I made and how I made it all happen after he popped the question in February of 2017. Check it out and let me know what questions you have in the comment section!  


Location, Location, Location

Our guests were spread out all over. Seattle, Atlanta, Indiana, Pennsylvania, etc. We chose to have a sort-of destination wedding by choosing Abe Martin Lodge’s Amphitheater and Allison Peabody Room for our ceremony and reception. They’re located within walking distance of one another in the boundaries of Brown County State Park (Indiana). A state park means it did come with some rules . . . Be sure to check your location’s specifics before signing! Here’s a glimpse into our ceremony and reception spot feat. Dad:


Be Our Guest

We chose a smaller group of people, seeing as inviting just my husband’s cousins would have been over half of the guest list. At first, we each wrote down who all we would invite, with no rules. We ended up with over 350 people. Truthfully, that is an insane number. We honed in our list and went with a very specific group of people that we are often surrounded by and in contact with. We did not include those individuals that we haven’t spoken to since 8th grade graduation, but still might follow on social media. Be practical and semi-harsh. Think of the intent and capacity of your wedding location. Our choice: a 50 guest maximum, with wiggle room of 10 additional guests.


Seasons of Love

I initially wanted a beautiful winter wedding with crisp snowy pictures and deep crimson colors on a perfect Saturday evening in December. How very Scorpio of me. I consulted my love and he reminded me that there is no guarantee of snow. Duh, but a gal can wish. I mulled over this fact and, instead, we went with the fall season. We love anything nature and I squeak with glee over the foliage changes each year, so, it just made sense. It made our September 29th of 2018 choice easy and gave us plenty of time to plan . . . and re-plan . . . and pull our hair out. Here’s some details that the season provided. Thank you, Mother Nature.

Kae Marie Photography -351.jpg

Kae Marie Photography -352.jpg

The Right Vibe and Color Scheme

Here is where the boho-lover in me came out in full force. I still kept my wine and navy colors from the winter season visual, but chose to debut them in the woods. we kept it minimal, since we were traveling 3 hours to our “destination” wedding. Here’s the result:

Kae Marie Photography -490

Hell yeah, I made that myself! Otherwise, super simplistic decor because nature took care of the rest for me. The men got the red shade (note: men do not have the same clothing color choices as us women do) and the women looked gorgeous in navy. Apparently, the key to boho fashion is to be slightly mismatched. My MoH ended up with the same color dress as the other bridesmaids, but in a different style; the men were allowed any color navy pants they wanted. Peep the outfits and that lightinggg:

Kae Marie Photography -725Kae Marie Photography -727


To DIY or not to DIY?

I did! I had the time and felt that I would be more in control if I did some portions myself. Mind you, the stress was much higher, now that I chose to put all that work on my own shoulders. I only had 6 tables to decorate, too. My obvious words of wisdom: Be smart about it! In the table decorations, I chose these lanterns that had firefly lights inside, added some fake garland and a navy or gold vase from Hobby Lobby, and topped it off with some real flowers that I threw together from my leftovers. I placed them all within an open-style basket–also from Hobby Lobby. My Dad made me the cupcake stand. Jake’s Dad made us the cross and stand.

Kae Marie Photography -772.jpg

Now, don’t forget to check out these perfect people and look at all they have to offer for your event!

Photography: Kae Marie Photography

Hair: Paige Brigman

Dress: Allure

Cupcakes: GK Baked Goods

Flowers: Sam’s Club and Costco. Yes, Im serious. 









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