That Work-Life Balance for Women

Real Quick: Have you ever gotten home from a particularly stressful day/week/month/life and felt so overwhelmed that you chose to just sit there on your couch, in the dark, and cry into your veggie chips? If that’s you, then you need to reevaluate that work-life balance!

Step One: Stop saying “yes” to everything

Your friends want to see you on Tuesday night, but that’s your only free night to get the grocery shopping and laundry done? Say “no”! It’s okay! They will understand.

I had a friend recently tell me “no” and, honestly, it was shocking. She’s usually the “yes” woman and tries to make everything fit her schedule. My friend couldn’t meet up this time because her new bedtime is 8pm . . . Nothing like having a newborn around to really set your priorities straight!

Step Two: Delegate that “to-do” list

Your significant other would love nothing more than to see you happy. If doing the dishes brings the household stress level down, then so be it (Plus, there’s some brownie points for them). Let them do a task or two. Stop controlling everything. Sure, your sweetie might not wash the dishes IMMEDIATELY or the exact right way, but they will get the job done and leave you with more free time.

Step Three: Dust off the breakfast nook

Make time to eat something in the morning and gather your thoughts for the day. It’s truly relaxing to get up before everybody else and enjoy that cup of coffee, instead of opening your gullet to an 8oz shot of caffeine before bolting out the door. Taking time to eat well in the morning also allows your body to feel its’ best. You will walk into the lion’s den office, feeling like you can conquer any work thrown at you.

Step Four: Compartmentalize Work from Play

Stop logging into your email and responding to people at 8pm. Leave work at work. Simple as that. Bust out your work/home “to-do” list and number in importance. Don’t let your phone bother you. Maybe even silence it during work hours and catch up later.

My sister-in-law actually uses the app Voxer with her husband to help them with their collective “to-do” list. It’s kind of like when your love leaves for the grocery store and you think “Oh, shit. I forgot to tell them to get _____ .” Just speak it into existence via the app.

After Thought: Empower yourself! You’re a M***** F****** WOMAN!



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