Gluten Free – Going Against the Grain

Sometimes, Im so inspired by podcasts, that I even dream about starting my own. The flavor that I’ve been into lately has been this aaah-mazing podcast, called Almost 30 Podcast. They are so down to earth and inspiring that I feel like I’m listening to my own girlfriends just talk about their day-to-day and address their fears. There’s one so far that hit a cord with me SO strongly that I was in tears at work. Cute.

Krista and Lindsey’s 14th episode, titled “Interview with Overall Badass, Social Media Genius, and CEO of NO BREAD Nicole Cogan“, had me in my feels. Nicole goes into a story of her journey towards going Gluten Free. She starts off talking about being in college and being diagnosed with “allergies” and eczema by her doctors. Yet, each year, she got strep, a cold, the flu, etc. Well, half-way through college, she just freakin’ develops full-body hives that then didn’t go away for, like, 2 years . . .

Can I just say as loudly as possible for the people in the back: That. Was. Me.

I had NEVER before heard of another person that went through what I went through. I had daily hives and was popping Benadryl like candy. I was basically told by my doctors “Oh, well. We don’t know why this is happening.” Very reassuring, let me tell you. The hives eventually went away after 1.5 years, but only after I changed my diet to gluten free. I was not very supported at the time and only ended up staying GF for 3 months. That seemed like long enough for my younger body to reboot, but I’m skeptical on whether my current habits will result in the symptoms returning as I age.

Right now, Im experiencing what I think to be eczema, a fatigue so deep that I Google searched narcolepsy, and a general uncomfortable feeling underneath my skin at all times. Until listening to Episode 14, I had no idea what else I could do and figured it was “just me”. I changed my soap to Aveeno, avoided caffeine overload, and wore looser-fitting clothing. Still miserable. Nicole did eventually decide to go to a holistic doctor and I’m about to do the same.

Anybody out there in the Midwest that is going/is currently GF?


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