Gluten Free, Week 1

Gluten is a sneaky biyotch.


What Blogging Has Taught Me

inspiring words and confidence out the *$$

Mix It Up With Curves

This post is a bit different…it’s good to Mix It Up sometimes. Saw how I did that.

I just hit two years of blogging and have loved this little journey! So I figured I should write a post about it. Plus, it gives me a reason to talk about this dress.

And that’s what we are Mixing Up in this post!


I was sifting through my Pinterest looking for quotes. Pinterest is still my spot for inspiration, by the way. I found this quote:

“A year from now you will be ecstatic that you started today”- unknown (or I just couldn’t find the author).


A love for fashion doesn’t have an age or size.

This reminded me of blogging. Taking the initial steps to start a blog was the hardest part.

Although my close friends and family were on board, most people didn’t get the concept. The response from others…

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